Home to game-changing programs helping you to enjoy travel without packing stress or excess baggage.

What is HPLWorld?

HPLWorld is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for members. It is home to our memberships, community-based courses, and other HPL programs. There is a fee to join.

HPLWorld is home to:

Light Membership: Coming Soon! 

Handbag Packing Masterclass: Our signature ultralight packing course that will flip your concept of packing on its head... for good! In it, you'll learn Brooke's minimalist packing tips as well as tips from fellow classmates.

HPM Membership: Our membership section of HPLWorld is where you can take part in monthly themes, challenges, and events; share your packing issues and successes; continually grow and make improvements that benefit your packing and travel life with a group of like-minded travelers. Membership is currently only open to HPM alumni.

Packing Masterminds: Advanced, small-group training. Coming Soon.

Webinars & Summits: Coming Soon.

What you get access to inside HPLWorld is up to you. By joining any of the above programs, you will unlock a different section of HPLWorld.

More info coming soon. Stay tuned!